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    Start from the Lecco Hut (1777 m) and go north-west until you reach the upper ski lift station. Go down to the “di Dentro” hut, reach the road coming from Valtorta and take the trail following the sign for the Grassi Hut. By a flat path through the woods, the track reaches the Cedrino Pass and - shortly after - the Gandazzo Pass (1660 m).  Beyond it, the trail rises steeply along the grassy southern slope of the mount “Zucco del Corvo” until to cross its terminal crest and then - along a ledge - it reaches the aerial Toro Pass (1950 m). Then it goes almost flat and, after climbing the Foppabona Notch, it goes down a little, to climb and finally reach the Grassi Hut (1987 m).


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    On the geoportal, the long path n° 101 has been divided into seven parts: 101_1, 101_2, 101_3, 101_4, 101_5, 101_6, and 101_7,  to better describe the different stages.


    However, the signage on the ground up to the Tartano Pass will report only the number 101.

    ca. 400 m
    ca. 180 m
    Lunghezza sulla carta
    circa 8000 metri
    Profilo altimetrico
    Carta Escursionistica della Provincia di Bergamo
    Tavola 01

    In addition to the chains normally located at the most exposed point of the ledge of Toro Pass, you can see other chains, starting at approx. 20 m above the sign "Passo del Toro" (they are immediately visible if you walk just a few meters to the rounded top of the mount “Zucco del Corvo”). Those chains allow you to bypass the afore-mentioned exposed ledge if vernal snow / ice still invades such ledge. Anyway, keep in mind that such "other chains" should be considered a variant and not a part of path 101 as it is described.

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